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I would like to be an engineer, what kind should I be?
What is the best engineering job?
Which discipline of engineering should I choose?

I cannot answer that for you. You will need to decide what it is you want to get out of engineering. What are you passionate about; yes, passionate. Most people never bother to choose a career that really lights their fire. Engineers are among the exceptions. Unlike something like art, you can be passionate about engineering and not starve to death. Engineers make good money and they make it immediately upon starting their careers.

All kids take things apart.

  • What did you take apart? That may lend some insight into the choice. Was it mechanical? Was it Electrical? Perhaps you are a wiz with computers.
  • Did you put it back together and make it work again? If so, you are definitely engineering material.
  • Did you use the parts in combination with other parts to make something different? You have something special.
  • Would you like to be involved in the construction of bridges, roads or building?
  • If you were going to choose an engineering discipline based solely on salary, you would probably choose Petroleum Engineering. Additionally you would probably want to get an advanced degree. See my answer to, "How much are engineers paid?" However, that would not be the top criteria if I were making the choice. If it were a matter of choosing between two equally appealing disciplines - use salary as the tiebreaker. Where do you want to live? Is there a need in that area for engineers with a discipline that interests you?

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    For a very good discussion on what the various disciplines do, see: http://www.bls.gov/oco/ocos027.htm#nature

    You may also consider interviewing local engineers in specialties that interests you. Interview the counselors at your engineering school of choice. Some engineering schools offer summer camps to potential new engineering students. Consider going to one to get a taste of the school atmosphere that revolves around engineering and get exposure to a whole gamut of disciplines.

    Engineers are some of the most socially and environmentally conscience people I know, perhaps you can put that heightened awareness to good use in Environmental Engineering. Maybe Biomedical Engineering moves you.

    Still cannot decide - try General Engineering - specialize after graduation.

    This site will give you some good pointers: http://www.onlineengineeringdegree.org/

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